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How to Play Zombombie

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How to Play


How to Setup

Separate all Zombie, Zombombie, and Cure cards into one pile. Shuffle the remaining cards and deal 4 to every player. Next, deal one Cure to each player, the remaining Cures will be set aside and left out of the game. Now combine the Zombombies, Zombies, and remaining actions cards and shuffle together, set these in the middle of the table as the draw pile 

The Basics

  The object of the game is to be the last player whose camp (Hand of Cards) is not lost to a Zombie Outbreak! Players will play cards in the game that range from helping them get rid of Zombies to causing opponents camps to receive Zombies. Zombies will increase your camps infection level. If +4 infection is reached in a camp this will cause a Zombie Outbreak.

Zombie Outbreak

  If a player reaches +4 infection and is unable to decrease the infection in their camp…. they lose. All remaining action and Zombie cards will be placed in the discard pile, except Zombombies which will be placed at the bottom of the draw pile.

Stopping an Outbreak

  If +4 infection is reached in a player’s camp, they may decrease the infection level in one of 2 ways. They can turn in a Cure card to clear all Zombies/Zombombies from hand and return them to draw pile OR they can turn in a match of +1 infection Zombies. Players can also use Heal cards to decrease the infection level of their camp, however these can only be used during their turn not during an Outbreak.


  Only +1 infection Zombies can be used for matches. Matches can only be turned in during a player’s turn OR if their camp is experiencing a Zombie Outbreak! It is ok to turn in 3 and 4 of a kind as well. Matches will be returned to the draw pile.

Returning Zombies to the Draw Pile


When playing a Cure, Heal, or Ace card, Zombies/Zombombies can be placed anywhere back into the draw pile, top, bottom, and in-between, however the Zombies/Zombombies must be kept together in a row. In contrast, when turning in a match, at least one card in the match must be placed at the bottom of the draw pile. Any remaining cards in the match can be placed anywhere in the deck but must be kept together in a row.

For Example, if you were lucky enough to get three of a kind, one would be placed at the bottom of the draw pile and the other two would be inserted together anywhere in the pile, top, bottom, or in-between.


Taking your Turn

  Left of dealer starts.   Each player will begin their turn by drawing a card into their hand. They may play as many cards as they like, or they can play no cards at all. When playing cards, they will be placed in the discard pile. Once they are finished the next player draws and it continues until there is only one player standing!